How Can I Add My Availability For Sub Requests?

You can now add your availability to your Swing Profile! 

How Does It Work?

You get priority notifications for the days you want to work by setting your availability in Swing. Simply mark yourself as available on specific days in your Swing Account Settings and we’ll notify you earlier about new requests for those days. You can also see the dates you’re already committed to working with Swing and update your availability at any time. 


How Do I Add My Available Days?

1. Login into your Swing and Click on "Account Settings"


2. Select "My Availability"

It will be indicated by a calendar symbol.  


3. Browse the Calendar for the Days You're Available

You'll be able to mark your available days all the way up to one full calendar year. 


4. Days You're Committed To Will Be Highlighted in Yellow

If you're already committed to a request, you will see that the days on the calendar will be highlighted in Yellow. This is so that you know which days you are unavailable. 


5. How To Add Days To Your Availability. 

To add days to your availability, click on the days that are NOT highlighted in Yellow. They will be highlighted in Blue to show the days you are available to receive requests.


6. Click "Save" to Save Your New Availability

Clicking "Save" will save all the days you have highlighted in your Availability Calendar.


How Do I Undo the Days I've Selected?

You can either reselect the days before you save or press the "Undo" button. Pressing the "Undo" button will revert your availability to the last Availability Calendar you saved to your Swing Account.