What is a Roving Sub request?

What is a Roving Sub request?

A Roving Sub request is for when schools anticipate a teacher's absence but don’t know exactly which teacher will be out.  For example, we know that the Friday before a holiday weekend has more teacher absences than a regular Friday, so this is a great time to utilize a Roving Sub Request to be prepared for that absence. 


You can select a school site you anticipate the absence for or select the District Office for the request.  If you select the District Office, admins can edit the request for the school site when an absence becomes known.  This is the only kind of request that school admins can edit the school site without Supports help. 


Select “Roving Sub” from the drop-down menu and issue the request.  See the screenshot here:


On the day of the request, communicate directly with the sub of the school site they should arrive at and the role they will be completing. You can find the sub's contact info on their profile by clicking on the name listed on the request.  You can call, text, or email the sub any information they should know ahead of time.  Be sure to edit the request and add these details in the teacher field, insert grade level and subject.  If any assistance from Support is needed to make these edits be sure to reach out - support@swingeducation.com


Why is a Roving Sub request useful?

  • Roving requests issued ahead of time have almost double the fill rate of last-minute requests because subs prefer to accept work in advance to plan out their week. 
  • Roving requests are usually issued for a particular school. The details about the specific teacher, subject, and grade, are only updated by the school the morning of by calling or texting the sub or when the substitute arrives at the school. This allows schools flexibility to place the substitute in any classroom they need.
  • Subs accepting a Roving request understand that they must be flexible with the day-of assignment details. This helps ensure only subs that are willing to work in an ambiguous assignment accept because it’s understood that the details will not be available until the morning of.