How to Filter Requests on the Swing Platform

Find the Request You Want by Filtering Requests

You can now filter requests in the "Open Requests" tab by using one of the three main filters available:

  1. Max drive time (Only available if you put your full address in the location settings) 
  2. Request Length: Single Day or Multi-Day
  3. And School Types: Elementary, Middle, High School

More filters will be coming soon in a future update. 

How to Filter Requests Overview:

1) Log in to Swing and click on "Open Requests"


2) Click on "All" to Access the Filters 


3) Select Which Filters to Use to Filter Your Assignments


4. Then Click the "Show Requests" Button


Once that's done you should see only the requests that you filtered for in your "Open Requests" tab.

How to Filter Requests by Pay (1099 Subs Only)

Here's how to filter requests by pay. 

1. Click on "Sort" 


2. Select "Pay" and Click the "Sort by Pay" button


This will organize assignments by their daily pay rate from highest to lowest.