Commute Times for Subs

Swing Education understands one of the key factors for subs deciding which jobs to take is the distance and travel time to get there. With rising gas prices, this is more important than ever. So we now offer a new "Commute Times" feature to help you estimate how long it will take you to drive to a school's request! 


How Does It Work?        

By entering your home address in your account settings, subs will now get a commute time estimate for every request they see to help make commute decisions easier.


Because we've linked these estimates to Google, each estimate will be based on both distance and traffic info.


How Do I Set Up Commute Times On My Swing Account? (Desktop and Mobile Web Only)

There are two ways to activate commute times on your Swing account.

Method 1. Set up commute times via your profile settings

  • Go to your profile settings
  • Click on Location Settings
  • And add your full address where it says address



Method 2. Add the feature from your Open Requests 

Clicking on the "Open Request" tab on the Swing Platform should show a big prompt asking if you'd like to get commute time estimates. 


  • Click on "Update Address"
  • Then update your full address on your profile (as shown in method 1)

After that, you should start to see commute estimates for all future assignments! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I use this new feature?

This feature is currently available for desktop and mobile web, with an app release coming very soon.

Can I filter my settings to have a max desired commute time?

As of now, no. However, we're working on adding this feature in soon. Our goal is for subs to filter out requests that are too far of a commute and focus on requests that they're most likely to accept.