How to apply for a New Jersey Substitute Teaching Credential

To substitute teach in New Jersey with Swing Education, you will need to have one of our accepted credentials.

If you do not yet have a credential, you can apply through the Teachers Certification Information System - Online.

When you create an account, click on "apply for a new certificate" at the top, and it will give you 2 options:

  1.  Certificate application
  2. Credentialed application

You will want to click on "credentialed application" to get to the substitute application. 

You can contact customer support for the TCIS to ask questions about the application process. They can be reached at or by phone at 609-292-2070. 

Full instructions for how to apply can be found here. 


Swing Education is happy to sign off on documentation where needed as a Sponsoring Organization. Please send a copy of your application form to Swing to sign off on when ready by contacting us below.