How to apply for a New Jersey Substitute Teaching Credential

To substitute teach in New Jersey with Swing Education, you will need to have one of our accepted credentials:

  • Substitute Teacher's Permit
  • Standard Teaching Certificate
  • Certificate of Eligibility (CE)
  • Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS)

Learn more here!


If you do not yet have a credential, you can apply through the Teachers Certification Information System - Online.

When you create an account, click on "apply for a new certificate" at the top, then select Credentialed Application from the options.

For help with the application process, you can contact customer support for the TCIS: Email, or phone 609-292-2070.

Full instructions for how to apply can be found here.


If you find you need a sponsoring organization, Swing Education is happy to sign off! Please send a copy of your application form to Swing to sign off on when ready by contacting us below.