Swing Speaker Series: Intro to SEL for Substitute Teachers



Introduction to SEL for Substitute Teachers

Featuring Robert Lauron with Harmony SEL

National University

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

5:00 p.m. PT



Resource and Research Links


Classroom Activities

  • Harmony SEL online learning portal (free access with account creation)
    • Meetup, Buddy Up, Quick Connection Cards accessible with logon
  • Harmony Quick Connection Cards. Quick Connection Cards are brief discussions and activities designed to provide opportunities to share, think and collaborate. Examples:
      • What would be your perfect day?
      • What is something for which you are thankful? How do you show that you are thankful?
      • What have you done that made a difference in someone’s life?
  • Harmony Game room App for Android or iOS, which includes the Relaxation Station. 


Professional Development Resources: Harmony Training Modules


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