School Partner Verifier Instructions: Swing Education Background Check Process

If you are a verifier school in Texas, please reference the following directions. A verifier school partner is a school that has agreed to help Swing clear subs to work by reviewing records in TxDPS. If you are interested in being a verifier school, please reach out to Swing support.

Swing has recently streamlined our process for our verifier school partners, who help us clear subs to work through Swing. Below is a quick outline of the process, along with a video tutorial of how to use the new spreadsheet for this process. 

Please note: If you are a verifier school, you will be collaborating with other school partners in your area to clear subs. To help identify which schools cleared which subs, you have been assigned a school code. 

Where to find your verifier school code and your background check clearance spreadsheet

You can find your school code in an email sent to you by Swing Education, and you can always reach out to Swing support to request your code again if you misplace it. 

You will be required to use an updated spreadsheet for this process, which was also distributed to you in an email. If you need the spreadsheet shared with you again, please contact Swing support. 

Video tutorial:

Link to video tutorial here


1. Open your shared school partner spreadsheet.

2. Note your school code.

3. Scroll to the first row of subs who have not yet been cleared on the sheet. 

Note: the sheet may be completely empty of subs if all cleared subs from previous clearances have been processed by Swing. You can tell if a sub has not yet been processed by seeing whether columns after “Fingerprint Status” have been filled out

4. Claim a sub by writing in your school code in the “School Code” column. Start by looking for the first sub on the list who has not been processed. You can tell that a sub has not been processed by looking under the green columns. If there is no information under any of these columns, they sub has not yet been claimed or processed.


5. Search for the sub using their first and last name and date of birth in the TxDPS FACT Clearinghouse. 

If you cannot locate the sub with the information provided, please note this in the “Notes from School Partner” column.

6. If the sub has a record that you would consider clear, and you would like to clear them to work, mark “Y” in “Initially Cleared?” Column, and add the date you cleared the sub in the “Date Cleared” column.



After clearing a sub, we strongly recommend that you subscribe to the sub’s record. You are not required to subscribe, but note that admins are responsible for reviewing and clearing all SwingSub’s before they arrive on campus for an assignment. You can subscribe in TxDPS, and then mark the date subscribed in the “Date Subscribed” column of the sheet. 

7. If the sub has a record you would not consider clear, mark “N” in the “Initially Cleared” column. That sub will be blocked from working and no further action is needed.


8. If the sub has a pending arrest and you would like to wait for a disposition to come through to consider their clearance status, mark “Suspend” in the “Initially Cleared?” column. Then, subscribe to their record and mark the date you subscribed in “Date Subscribed” column. 



Subscribing to the sub’s record will alert you when their disposition comes through. Once the disposition comes through, find the sub in the sheet and mark “Cleared” or “Not Cleared” in the “Disposition Decision” column.


9. After marking Y, N, or Suspend, you can move along to the next sub in the list. 

Please note: Swing will place new subs into the shared spreadsheets 1-2 times per week, and we expect verifier school partners to check the sheet 1-2 times per week to clear subs. Please clear as many as you can at a time. Swing will also be removing cleared subs from the sheet at least 1-2 times per week to process on our end.