I Want to Relocate - Can I Keep Teaching with Swing?

If you are moving and want to continue to work with Swing, you may be able to do so! Depending on where you are relocating and whether Swing is onboarding in your new location, we can help direct you with next steps. 


Step 1: Identify whether you are moving out of state or within your state

If you are moving within the same state, you will need to update your address and location preferences to give you access to assignments in your new location. 


If you are moving out of state and to one of our participating regions, you may need to complete additional onboarding requirements to be compliant in your new region.


If you are moving out of state to a region where we do not operate, you will need to resign.

Step 2: Review our school partner locations

Take a look at our Swing School Partner locations to see if we operate in your area. 


Whether you are moving to a new state or just to a different city, you will want to be sure you are able to comfortably commute to jobs with our school partners. 


Note: If you do not see your new state or location on the map, we are not yet set up in your area. If this is the case, you will be unable to continue working for Swing. Please write in to support for assistance.

Step 3: Review your onboarding requirements

Once you have identified your new location and confirmed we operate in that area, please review your onboarding requirements. 


If you are changing your location within the same state:

  • Log into your Swing account and ensure that you meet all requirements for that region by navigating to “account settings.”


If you will be moving states to a location where we are operating, the requirements for onboarding may be different. Please reach out to support before taking any onboarding action. 


  • You may need to complete new onboarding requirements for your new state before you are able to sub. The Swing platform will walk you through these onboarding steps in your new state, but we recommend reviewing onboarding requirements ahead of time so you know what to expect:


California** DC Illinois

Arizona Texas New York

New Jersey

**Please note - In California, Swing Subs are hired as employees per California state law. You’ll need to go through our application process and have it approved before you can complete your California onboarding steps. Learn more here

Step 4: Reach out to support

Reach out to support with your new zip code. We recommend doing so once you have moved or when you are no longer interested in substitute teaching in your previous location. This will ensure you do not miss out on any final assignments you could accept prior to your move. 


If you are transferring states and we are currently onboarding in your new state/location, 

support will advise you on the next steps based on eligibility. 


Good luck with your move!