How Do I Schedule My Virtual Orientation?

Here is a step-by-step guide for Step 2 of the W-2 Onboarding Process:

1. Log into your Swing account and navigate to your Account Settings
You can reach your account settings in 2 ways: click either the underlined "update your account" in the red banner, or the teal "Start W-2 Process" button  Screen_Shot_2021-02-19_at_1.48.55_PM.png

2. Scroll down to Step 2
You have already completed Steps 1 (enter your information) and 2 (sign your offer letter); please scroll past those to Step 3

3. Select a date and time
Click the drop down menu 


Select your preferred date and time (it will highlight in teal as you hover over it)

And click "Choose," which will have changed from gray to tealClick_Choose.png

That's it for Step 3!