The Impact of COVID-19 On Your Fill Rate


Across the nation, educators are responding valiantly to an unprecedented health crisis and its ramifications for students, educators, and their communities. Leaders and staff are charting new courses for this unique time. The COVID-19 pandemic is a national crisis that poses a serious health risk for everyone. We’re providing some essential tips that will help prevent the spread of disease and protect our subs, partnering schools, and their communities. 

We've provided a few tips below that we believe might help your fill rate when issuing a request.

School Partner:

Consider Distance or hybrid learning - Educators provide an essential service, but in many cases that service can be provided virtually during this dangerous time. Hybrid learning is a subsection of a strategy that provides students with both in-person and online instruction. Distance learning combines face-to-face instruction with online learning. In the context of coronavirus school re-openings, a remote model would reduce the number of students in the building by moving some of the classroom delivery online.

Request notes – When submitting a request on our platform, we encourage you to add notes to your request for the sub. This helps them to be successful when coming onto your campus and more likely to be comfortable picking up an in-person request. Adding your school’s policies concerning COVID-19 and what you are doing to keep teachers safe on campus would go a long way in alleviating their anxiety and concerns. 

Mask on Policy – We ask that our partnering schools continue to implement their “Mask On Policy”. This policy requires all to wear a face mask/covering when in their school buildings.

Clean-Up – We ask that our partnering schools keep their school buildings clean to the highest standards and we will encourage all students, staff, parents, guardians, and visitors to monitor their own health and to practice excellent self-cleanliness and hygiene practices, including washing their hands regularly and avoiding touching their own faces.

Social Distancing – We recommend our partnering schools facilitate social distancing in their schools and other buildings and will encourage all students, staff, parents, guardians, and visitors to maintain a six-foot distance from other people as much as possible.

  • All seating is spaced at least six feet apart and that desks remain facing the same direction.
  • For communal spaces, students are staggered, and frequently touched surfaces and shared objects are cleaned and disinfected between users.

It is clear that providing the necessary safeguards for students and staff will be an immense undertaking for most school districts in this country, and we hope these tips will be a great starting point to increase your fill rates. 


Note: SwingSubs are more likely to sign up for a request when information about COVID-19 safety measures are provided by the school/district.  Be sure to have your Covid Protocols up to date.  See the article here: Filling Out Covid-19 Safety Protocols