My Sub Is Late or Left Early

Your feedback and overall satisfaction are important to us, and we understand your frustration if a sub is late or leaves before the end of their assignment. It's also really important to Swing that we factor in these occurrences when calculating a teacher's reliability score in order to provide consistent service to our school partners. A simple and efficient way to communicate these incidents to us can be found right in your request:



In the Report an Issue box, click on the issue(s) that would apply to your situation (either Arrived late, Late from lunch, and/or Left early. If you are experiencing a No Show sub, this article may be more helpful: My Sub is a No Show). For Arrived late or Left early, you will then be prompted to share the time of arrival or departure. For Late from lunch, a time stamp is not necessary. You may select multiple options if they apply to your experience with this sub request.



Once you follow the above steps, you will have the option to provide Details. Complete those, if desired, and hit Save in order to submit the feedback to Swing.


Tip: We strongly encourage that you report these incidences as soon as you hear of them, and at a minimum within the week that they occur (before Friday at 3pm) so that any egregious late arrivals or early departures for full days can be appropriately adjusted to half days if less than 4 hours were worked. This way Swing can ensure that your school is not charged for more services than were provided by the substitute.