How Do I Issue A Sub Request on the Swing Platform?

Swing gives school admins the ability to issue sub requests on the fly through their admin accounts with the option to request a preferred sub through the platform.

How to Submit a Sub Request

1. Select the "Request a Sub" tab on the Swing Platform."



2. Request a Sub Page

Here you'll see the sub request page to issue a request for any needed subs. 


3. Select time and dates for the request

You'll be able to click on the calendar to select the day you need the sub. 


You can edit the start and end time for the request by selecting each time and writing them in respectively. 



Pro tip: You can also click on the clock icon if you wish to update the times in 15 minute increments.


Issuing a Multiday Request

You can also submit a multiday request by clicking on the multiday button:


4. Select which type of teacher you'll need 

You can write in that you need a Roving Sub, Teacher Vacancy, or anything specific. If you've already added teachers to your school's profile, they'll also appear in the drop-down menu.



If you wish to add teachers to your teacher list, please reach out to Swing Support. You can reach us through our help center below. 


5. Select the Grade Level 

You can select the grade level you need a sub for either by selecting the grade level by group (Pre-K to 5th, etc.) or selecting the grade levels individually.


6. Select Class Subject 

You can then scroll down to select the specific subject the sub will be in attendance for. Please note, for Roving Sub requests, pick select "Unknown."


7. Lastly, select if the school has lesson plans or notes

Schools are not required to provide lesson plans, however, having lesson plans can help subs feel prepared for what is expected on their request. 

You can indicate that the school will provide Lesson Plans by selecting the "Lesson Plans Provided" button. 


Notes can also be provided in the notes sections. 

Submit Your Request for a Sub


What if I want to Request a Specific Sub?

You can do so by using the Optional Category located above the "Request Sub" button. 

You can find a step-by-step guide with images and instructions in our guide: How Do I Request A Specific Sub?