My Sub is a No Show

We know no shows are disruptive to the school day and we want to show you the fastest way to get in touch with your sub when you need to reach them or request a replacement sub if necessary. We'll also show you how to ensure you aren't charged for a request when your sub did not show up. 


If the start time of your assignment has just passed and your teacher hasn't arrived, navigate to the request page to locate the teacher's phone number. Give them a call to see what is their ETA. If you can't reach them, select 'No Show' and then 'No, I don't know where my sub is' and leave us your best contact number.

We'll attempt to get ahold of the teacher and reach out to you to follow up.

If you happen to hear from your teacher, you can update the status to 'arrived late' or 'Yes' if you've confirmed they can't come in. 



If your teacher informs you they can't make it to their assignment, navigate to the request page and select 'No Show' and then select 'Yes' that you have confirmed the teacher is not coming.

This will ensure that you are not charged for this request and that this no show is reflected on the teacher's account. Poor reliability can lead to removal from the platform.

If you still need coverage for the day, click 'Request a Sub' at the top of the page to issue a new request.




If you'd like to block a no show sub from accepting future requests at your school: First fill out the no show information, then click 'Save'.  Once the request has ended for the day, you can fill out the feedback section of the form below and be sure to toggle the 'Block from School' button.

Don't forget to press Submit



Tip: We strongly encourage that you report all no shows as soon as you are aware that the sub hasn't arrived, and at a minimum within the week that they occur (before Friday at 3 PM). This will ensure no-show teachers are not paid for days they did not work, and your school is not charged for teachers that did not show up.