How Do I View My ADP Pay Statements and Payment History? (CA Subs)

This article explains how to view your Pay Statements for California Swing Sub employees on ADP. If you are an independent contractor working through Swing in NY, NJ, DC, IL, TX & AZ and using Tipalti click Here Your Payment History Article. 

Steps On How To View Pay Statements:

In order to view your pay statements, we recommend you use a desktop web browser. 

Once you've logged into your ADP account:

  1. Select > Myself
  2. Under the Myself > Select Pay Statements



This section will allow you to view all of your pay statements that are in ADP for all your previous payments. You will also have access to print your pay statements if needed.


What Is Included in Your Payment Statement?

Your pay statement will include: 

  • The hourly rates for the requests you worked
  • Tax deductions
  • Any refunds (if applicable)
  • Total gross pay