How to Access my Tax withholding Documents in ADP

As a Swing employee, Swing will process payroll taxes on your behalf. This means:

1. Your W-2 from Swing will be postmarked and sent no later than January 31 of the following year, as required by law. You can access any previous year's W-2 tax form by going to Myself > Pay > Pay statements. 


2. During onboarding you will fill out a W-4 form. This is where you will enter your withholdings and exemptions. Please make sure you fill it out correctly, as Swing will not make updates on your behalf. If you notice an error, please submit a corrected W-4 in your account.

You can submit a new W-4 by going to Myself => Pay => tax withholdings. 


3. Please ensure you are completing both the state and federal forms. If you do not complete them, ADP will process your taxes at the default rate. 


Example of what it looks like in ADP; the D-4 will show your appropriate state. 


Swing Corporate employees, cannot offer tax advice, please reach out to your tax professional with questions. 

4. Your paychecks will be your net pay, with all taxable withholdings withdrawn and sent to the IRS on your behalf.