Why Can't I Select 'Students On Campus' for Requests?

Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, when posting a request you may not be able to select "On Campus" for the student location while you have also selected "On Campus" for the substitute's location. This means that you are in an area where we currently only offer distance learning requests (where either the teacher is remote or the students are remote) and in-person small group instruction (8 students or less) based on recommendations from the CDC and other agencies.


To post a small group in-person request:

  • Under Classroom Arrangement, Select "Sub on Campus" for the Sub Location and "Students Remote" for the Student Location
  • Find the "Teacher" field and select "Teacher Vacancy" or type in your teacher’s name, then select "Create Option"
  • In the "Subject" field type in "IN-PERSON SMALL GROUP REQUEST"
  • Write "N/A" for Online Platforms Used if you are not using online platforms for the small group instruction