What will you learn during New Hire Orientation?

What is the New Hire Orientation?

It is a webinar specifically for becoming a W-2 Employee with Swing Education. 

Webinar Logistics:

  • Required orientation for becoming W2 with Swing Education 
  • Conducted through Zoom
  • Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Required to attend the entire time, or else you will need to re-take it again
  • Required to attend on a computer. We do not accept calling in through your phone, as it is a visual presentation, and we need you to see all of the slides. 
  • *IMPORTANT NOTICE: You must have your I-9 fully complete before you can attend New Hire Orientation, or else you will not be able to join.

Content Covered and Agenda:

  • How to create your ADP account
  • How to finish ADP onboarding
  • How to complete your timesheet for different scenarios (orientation, training, working at a school)
  • OSHA workplace safety
  • Perks of being W2 with Swing
  •  Working time to create your ADP account and finish ADP onboarding


  • How long should I set aside for Orientation?
    • 1 hour and 30 minutes

  • Do I need a computer for the orientation?
    • Yes. We need you to join the webinar from your computer. There are many visuals that we need you to see. You will also have 15 minutes of working time, which you will need your computer for.