What is Swing requiring of schools to keep teachers safe from COVID-19?


The following policies are summaries of our official School and SwingSub Policies (the full SwingSub policies in the form you must sign in order to work through Swing) specifically as they relate to SwingSubs. They do not include all safety protocols required of SwingSubs themselves.


Swing Education requires all of our school partners to provide a clean and safe work environment in accordance with state, local and health agency policies and guidance in order to protect the safety of SwingSubs as well as school staff and students.

As a SwingSub, you may leave an assignment without penalty if you believe your safety is at risk or a school is otherwise not providing a safe environment. In the event this happens, you must inform Swing Education immediately (attn: School Safety Issue), with all pertinent details. This is so that we can ensure you are not penalized for leaving, and so that we can investigate the safety issue and temporarily suspend that school’s access to the Swing platform if needed. 

Swing Education also requires all of our school partners to inform us immediately if there are any confirmed case(s) on their campus(es), including any and all safety measures taken in response thereto. We will inform you of any such confirmed COVID-19 case reports and safety measures taken as soon as possible thereafter. Swing will also suspend a school’s access to our platform if we find the safety measures they took in response to a confirmed case were inadequate, and will reinstate access only when we find them to be adequate.

Finally, Swing may limit our school partner requests to distance learning in order to prioritize SwingSub safety. We determine whether to limit a school partner’s requests to distance learning based on a variety of factors, including COVID-19 rates in that area and any state and local requirements schools must adhere to in order to provide in-person instruction.