Communicating before your first Bubbles day

We highly recommend families and their teacher to have a 1 hour orientation call before the first day of their Bubble to set expectations.

Your orientation call should include:

  • Arrival time and end time 
  • Lunch break. It is mandatory for all teachers to take a 30-minute uninterrupted lunch if they are working 5 hours and 1 minute or more a day. They should not be supervising students during this time. You will be invoiced for the cost of their lunch period if they are not provided one, plus the meal break penalty charge (CA) as applicable. 
  • Wifi setup: Make sure your student's computers are all connected and ready to learn. 
  • Distance learning passwords for each child
  • Curriculum from the district, if already provided to parents
  • Please provide the teacher with a list of supplies
  • Reiterate each child's special need or area of focus
  • Discuss each child's preferences, e.g. what do they like to do, what gets them excited and motivated
  • Discuss the learning area
  • Discuss how the teacher will communicate daily learning goals & progress to the parents
  • Preferred communication method: text, email, spreadsheet 

Remember, setting up your Bubbles teacher for success means they can help your child be successful. Remote learning is stressful for everyone involved, being prepared will allow our teachers to focus on the students and not the logistics.