Insurance Options for Swing Teachers


Swing Education offers access to HIGHLIGHT HEALTH. 

HIGHLIGHT HEALTH offers supplemental dental, vision, hospital stay, accident, and other coverage that pays cash benefits directly to you when you’re sick or injured. You can use the cash to help cover expenses that major medical insurance does not. Learn more about supplemental insurance here.

  • Who qualifies: W-2 employees of Swing Education. (Please note: depending on your state, you may need traditional medical insurance to be eligible for the Hospital Choice, Cancer Protection Assurance, and Critical Illness plans.)
  • When to enroll: you may enroll at any time.
  • Is there additional info? You can visit the site or refer to the HIGHLIGHT HEALTH benefit guide here Also, it is not an ACA plan.


Please note: Swing customer support cannot provide details or advice on any of HIGHLIGHT HEALTH's insurance plans.