W-2 Pay FAQ's


How does my hourly rate work?

Schools pay a flat daily rate for substitutes. To translate that into an hourly rate for W2 employees, there are some calculations we have to make to ensure our teachers are being paid fairly. 

Regardless of the listed start and end times listed on your commitment, please log all hours actually worked. The hourly rate calculation is intended to get you to, at minimum, the school’s daily rate.


Regular Hourly Rate = School's Daily Rate ÷ Average Hours Requested

Average Hours Requested = (Total Request Hours - 30 minutes daily for lunch) ÷ Total Days Requested


Long Term requests work a bit differently. Our system assumes that you'll likely log 90 minutes of prep or meeting time above the scheduled hours for the request each day.

Long term Hourly Rate = School's Long term Rate ÷ Average Hours Requested

Average Hours Requested (with prep time) = Total Request Hours + Total Days

Total Request Hours= (Total Daily Hours + 90 minutes prep - 30 minutes lunch) x Total Days


What is prep time? Swing recognizes that educators typically work additional hours outside of their classroom time when they are teaching long term requests. ‘Prep’ is time you spend outside of your scheduled teaching hours grading papers, creating curriculum or speaking with parents. 

Your teaching hours should be your request hours as posted on the Swing Platform (ie 8-3pm), and we assume you might punch 90 minutes outside of those hours in additional work done each day.

If you don’t have prep outside of your requested hours, let us know so we can recalculate your hourly rate. However, you will need approval from Swing to work additional hours outside of the request page hours, if we make this change. 

Note: Prep time is only calculated for long term requests. 


  • Long Term Hourly Rate Example
  • You are working a 15 day long request, with scheduled hours being 8am-4pm. This school’s long term flat rate is $200/day.
  • Long term Hourly Rate = School's Long term Rate ÷ Average Hours Requested
    • $22.22/hour= 200/day ÷ 9 hours/day
  • To get Average Hours Requested (with prep time) = Total Request Hours ÷ Total Days
    • 9 hours/day = 135 total hours ÷ 15 days 
  • To get Total Request Hours= (Total Daily Hours + 90 minutes prep - 30 minutes lunch) x Total Days
    • 8 hours (scheduled) + 90 minutes prep time - 30 minutes lunch = 9 hours/day
    • 9 hours/day x 15 days = 135 total hours  

I didn't receive my paycheck from ADP. What's going on?

When you first sign up for ADP, you have to go through a 'pre-note' process before your direct deposit will be approved. During that time, your paychecks will be sent via live check to your home address that is on file in ADP. Please allow 7-10 business days for it to arrive. If it has been at least 14 calendar days, please reach out to us so we can investigate. 

A new release from ADP now makes it possible for them to verify your account in real-time. If you want to adjust your account or enter a new direct deposit please follow: 

Direct deposit that the employee adds themselves will automatically go through real-time validation.  
  1. Click Myself > Pay > Payment Options
  2. Enter the new direct deposit information.
  3. The banking information will immediately have a verification attempt made.
  • A successful verification will display a success message on the Direct Deposit page.
  • If real-time verification fails, standard prenote using the company default will be performed

I converted to an employee in the middle of the week, and I'm already working at a school. How do I get paid?

You will need to enter your hours worked, starting on the day you complete the Orientation call. For instance, if you worked Monday-Friday this week and completed your Orientation and onboarding on Wednesday, you would need to enter Wednesday-Friday in ADP, and then Monday and Tuesday would be paid via Tipalti.

If you are working for a Pod, you will need to enter your entire week in ADP. Please let us know if you are blocked from entering times, as this means we need to change your hire date to the first day of work. 

Why are taxes taken from my pay?

As a Swing employee, you are subject to Payroll taxes. Please meet with a tax advisor if you have questions about the taxes being withheld from your pay. More information on taxes: How Do Taxes Work For W-2 Employees?

I was asked to come to work directly by an admin and never accepted a request via the platform.

That's okay. Please enter the time as normal on your timesheet and contact us with the information below. We need this information to verify your timesheet.

  • The name of the school.
  • The hours you worked, in detail, along with lunch breaks taken.
  • Name of the admin who contacted you and the contact information. 

What is the lunch break policy?

You need to take a lunch break by your 5th hour of work if you are working for more than 5 hours that day. 

I asked for a lunch break but was told they couldn't give me one.

Please contact us right away and tell us whom you spoke with at the school. We will review the lunch policy with the school so they can be sure to give SwingSubs lunch breaks in the future. 

What happens if my timesheet is late?

You will receive written warnings each time your timesheet is late. Please note that not approving your timesheet on time, will lead to termination. 

How do I approve/submit my timesheet? 

How Do I Submit My Timesheet?

I was overpaid. Is it mine to keep?

No. Overages must be paid back to Swing. Please contact us and let us know. Knowingly keeping the funds is unacceptable under the employee code of conduct.