How Do I Complete My New Hire Conversion?

Converting to a Swing Employee

Once it is your turn to convert to a Swing Employee, your account will prompt you to begin the process. We expect to have all SwingSubs converted by the end of the year. 

To access your conversion information, open your account settings. Once there you will be able to select 'CA - W-2 Conversion'. If you do not have this option, it is not quite your turn to convert.

It is mandatory to convert to an employee. You will not be allowed to stay as a 1099 Independent Contractor with Swing.



Steps to Convert:

You will complete Steps 1-4 on the Swing platform. Step 5 will be completed via ADP. 

Step 1: Sign your offer letter

Step 2: Sign up for an Orientation

Step 3: As soon as you sign up for an Orientation, within a few hours you will get an email from I9 everywhere. Please complete your I9 as soon as possible. You will have no further steps until you have completed your Orientation. Feel free to read over help articles to see what to expect once you are an employee. 

Step 4: Attend your mandatory Orientation. This is not optional, and you must be on time. 

Step 6: Complete your ADP onboarding within 3 days. 

Congratulations, you're hired! What does this mean for you? W-2 Set Up: What’s Changing, What's Not? 

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