How Do I Sign Up for Bubbles Requests?

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How to Sign Up for Bubbles Requests on the Swing Platform

Signing up for Bubbles requests on the Swing platform is the best way to communicate your grade level preferences and your preferred days per week to our matchmaking team. We encourage you to sign up for at least 10 learning pods because not all of these will result in an interview.  Also note that our matchmakers may match you with learning pods you didn't sign up for if they think you'd be a good fit. 

To sign up, just log on to your account and click the "Open Requests" tab at the top of the page.  Remember, by signing up, you are requesting an interview. The interview needs to be confirmed by both the teacher and the parents before being scheduled. Signing up for multiple pods will increase your chances of getting an interview scheduled. Learn more in our article How Do Bubbles Interviews work?

(Please note: teachers who are new to Swing Education will be eligible to sign up for pods only after their Checkr background checks have cleared. You will receive an email from Checkr when your background check clears.) 


How to Increase Your Chances of Getting an Interview

  • Sign up for 10-20 pods.
  • Keep your interview availability up-to-date in your account settings.
  • Update your profile, including work history. Parents will review your profile and decide if they want to proceed with interviewing you. 
  • Upload your resume, since most parents ask for one.


Signing up for Bubbles Requests Step-by-Step

You can sign up for learning pods on the Swing app or on our website. You'll also be notified of new pod opportunities through SMS text messages.

To sign up via text notifications, click the link to open up the signup page. You must be logged in in order to sign up. Notifications for pods will be sent with all available pods once a day . 




To sign up on the website, log into your account and click "View Details", which will open the assignment details. 




Next, click "Apply For Interview" to be added to the pod parents pool of interested and available teachers. Do not sign up unless you are committed to interviewing.  





On the Swing app, tap to open the request you're interested in and then tap the "Apply to Interview" button.