How Do I Enter My Hours and Approve My Timesheet? (CA ONLY)

You can enter your time on your timesheet by either logging onto the website of ADP or using their mobile App. We suggest that you are ensuring your timesheet is accurate and ready for payment by completing it and approving it no later than 8 PM on Friday evenings, although it is due no later than 11:59 PM every Saturday. If you run into an issue over the weekend, you will not have ADP or Swing's help until Monday and your timesheet will be late.

Your timesheet is a legal document. Entering hours you did not work, is time fraud. It is your responsibility to ensure it is 100% accurate by the weekly deadline. Please watch the below videos for how to fill out your timesheet, contact us, or contact ADP for technical help. Not asking for help and entering your hours incorrectly is not acceptable. 

How do I get to my timesheet?

Please go to Myself => Time and Attendance => Time.

Entering your times:

This is how to enter your times on a browser in the ADP time portal: 


and here is how to enter your times via the app: 


Need help? Something isn't saving or giving you an error? You can Contact ADP. They're available Monday-Friday, 5:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. PT. 

If you have a general Payroll question, let us know by contacting us using the button below.



  • As a best practice, fill out your time card each day that you work and submit it by Friday evening each week.
  • If you were not given a 30-minute lunch break, do not enter one on your time card.
  • Enter your exact arrival and exit times as close to the minute as possible. Intentionally falsifying records will lead to termination. Entering hours you did not actually work, is time fraud. Do not enter anything other than hours you actually work, regardless of what the school’s request states. 

For questions, contact ADP as soon as possible, or reach out to us here.


Sick Time 

You may take sick time in one-hour increments, as it is accumulated. You must do your best to cancel the teaching request at least 24 hours in advance. Unless necessary, canceling within 24 hours will hurt your reliability performance score.

To record sick time on your time card, select "sick" from the 'pay code column, and enter the total number of hours you want to use. You will only be able to take the total number of hours you have accumulated. 


Additional worked time: 

Please ensure you are entering all hours worked. This includes any additional hours for prep/meetings/orientations/back to school/training you may be asked to do for your request