How Do Bubbles Learning Pods Work?

What are Bubbles Pods and how do they work?

All pods are going to be hosted at the Pod parent's home. The area to teach will be indoors or outdoors, depending on your and the Pod's preferences. 

You will not be homeschooling the children, but rather guiding them in their own curriculum. You may be asked to supplement some fun activities or enrichment to ensure they are staying on track. 

I'm not seeing any available Pods. What's going on?

Please make sure you have signed up to be a Pods teacher at Teach With Us, and complete your Checkr background check. 

If you are also a SwingSub, you only need to have your typical mandatory requirements up to date and be a rising or Star sub. 

Who sets my schedule?

You will set a schedule with you and the Pod during your interview. Make sure you are open and honest about your availability. 

How do I get an interview?

You will be requested for an interview once you are matched and chosen as a top teacher for the Pod. The parent (s) will review your Swing Profile and then request a date and time that works best for them. If it does not work for you, follow the instructions on the notification so you can be rescheduled. 

Will I be paid for my interviews?

Since this is similar to interviewing for a job, the interviews are not paid. Check out our help articles on how to interview successfully over video. 

What if no one shows up to our scheduled interview?

Please let us know right away, so we can either have it rescheduled or match you with another Pod. 

Will I be paid for driving to their home?

You will not be paid mileage, but we did take this into consideration and it has been accounted for in the offered hourly wage. 

I worked more hours than my contract, am I paid for those hours?

Yes. Please make sure you are entering all worked hours in your timesheet. We want to make sure you are paid for all working hours and efforts.