I Need a New Teacher for my Bubble
  • I need to end our contract: Per the Swing Bubbles Family Agreement signed by all parents in the pod, you must give Swing and your Bubble teacher 28 days notice to end your agreement and stop weekly payments. To do so, please contact us here.

  • My teacher is not working out; we need a replacement: We understand that there may be rare situations in which you discover that your Bubbles teacher is not a good fit for your group. If this is the case, please contact us here so that we can assist you in finding another teacher immediately. You may decide to keep your current teacher while we work to find you a replacement. If you decline a replacement teacher or choose to let your teacher go before a replacement is found, you will still be obligated to cover your weekly payments. 

  • My teacher is not working out, and we do not need a replacement: If there is a situation in which your teacher is not working out, per the Swing Bubbles Family Agreement, you must give Swing the opportunity to find you a replacement teacher. If you decline the replacement, you will still be obligated to cover the weekly payments for the 28 days following your notice of request to end your contract (unless the other party breached the contract). Please contact us here