How Do Bubbles Interviews Work?

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I want to interview for a Bubble. How do I start? 

For teachers already substitute teaching with Swing Education:

Log on to your Swing Education account and sign up for learning pods. You can view the location, grades and hours in the request. You will receive a text message when a learning pod family wants to interview you.

You can sign up for as many Bubbles as you wish. However, you should only sign up for Bubbles you are serious about teaching or that you feel you are qualified to teach. For example, please do not sign up for a Spanish-speaking Bubble if you don’t speak Spanish.

Please note, unlike standard substitute teaching requests, signing up does not automatically assign you to the Bubble. Our matchmakers will review your pod requests and match you with the most relevant pods. If our matchmakers find other pods that look like a good fit for you, they will match you with those pods, too. 


For teachers who are new to Swing Education:

Complete this form and be sure to upload a resume if you have one. We will reach out to you if we have learning pods near you.


Who will I interview with? The learning pod family or with Swing?

Your interview will be held with the learning pod family.


Are interviews held in person?

No. All interviews are held via videoconference on the Swing platform. Read our article, How to Interview over Video, for more information.


When are interviews held?

First, you need to record your interview availability on the Swing platform. Log on to your Swing account settings to view your interview calendar. Boxes highlighted in light blue indicate you are available for an interview. If you are unavailable during a particular time slot, click the corresponding box to remove the highlight. 


How will I know if I get an interview?

You will get a confirmation text and email letting you know the date and time of your interview. You have a maximum of 12 hours to confirm whether you'll do the interview.  If you do not respond within 12 hours, our matchmakers will look for another teacher.

Make sure you keep your availability up to date so these requests do not come at a time when you have a scheduling conflict.


My interview is scheduled. When will I get the link?

You will receive the link to the video conference in text and by email as soon as you confirm your interest in the interview.


How do I log on to start my interview?

Just click the link in the email we sent you. If you have technical difficulties contact us ASAP so we can help.


I was asked to do an interview. Where can I get more information about the students, the location or my schedule?

The interview request will contain location, grade and hours. For more detailed information, such as the school district’s curriculum, make a list of your questions and ask during the interview. Asking a lot of good questions signals to parents that you are engaged and interested in the assignment.


Where can I get help learning the online video conferencing platform?

Read our article on how to interview over video conference. We strongly recommend that you take time the day before your interview to test out the video conferencing system and make adjustments. 


Can I interview with multiple families at once, and then choose which pod I want?

Yes, you may interview with multiple families. However, after an interview, you have 24 hours to decide if you want to take the assignment. Waiting to make a decision may mean you miss out on the opportunity.


When and how will I find out if my interview was a success?

The learning pod family has 24 hours to make a decision, so you will know within 48 hours. We will contact you by email if your interview was a success.


My interview was a success. How long do I have to decide if I want to take the assignment?

You have 24 hours to confirm your interest in taking the assignment. 


My interview was not successful. Why?

We try to gather feedback, but we may not always get it. If we do, we will reach out and pass the feedback on to you so you can improve for the next interview.


I need to reschedule my interview. How can I do it?

Contact us and we’ll reschedule.


Why have I been matched with a pod that I didn’t sign up for?

Our matchmakers are working hard behind the scenes to match every learning pod with the perfect educator.  If you were matched with an opportunity you didn’t sign up for, it means our team felt you would be a perfect match and wanted to give you the opportunity.


How come I didn’t get matched with a pod that I signed up for?

Our matchmakers review all requests and hand match each request. If you were not chosen for a request, it could mean another teacher was a better match for the grade level or location. It could also mean that the family decided to not form a learning pod at all.  You can continue to sign up for pods until you are matched and hired.


I interviewed with a learning pod and do not want this assignment. How do I let Swing know?

Respond to the email we sent you within 24 hours, whether you wish to take the assignment or not.