Bubbles by Swing FAQs for Teachers


Below you will find answers to the most common questions about Bubbles. Be sure to check out our other articles as well.

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How do I Sign Up for a Bubbles Request?

Bubbles Checklist for Swing Subs

Bubbles Checklist for Teachers New to Swing



What is Bubbles by Swing Education?

Bubbles by Swing is a new service matching parents with teachers to lead small group sessions of 2-8 students in a student’s home on a long-term basis. Teachers ensure students stay on track with online classes, help with homework and create additional learning curriculum as needed. 


How is Bubbles different from home schooling or micro-schooling?

Bubbles learning pods are designed for parents who keep their students enrolled in school and wish to continue following the curriculum designed by their school, but in the safety of their own homes. In contrast, home schooling and micro-schools are for parents who pull their students out school and want to design their own educational curriculum. Swing does not offer home schooling or micro-schools.


How do I qualify to teach Swing Bubbles?

All teachers who apply must live within 25 miles of a learning pod. Additional qualifications are as follows.

Existing Swing Subs must meet the following qualifications:

  • Star or Rising Star score
  • A.A. degree
  • Requirements on the Swing platform must be up-to-date

Teachers new to Swing must meet these qualifications:

  • 1 year experience with children in an academic or other setting, such as a camp counselor, tutor or nanny
  • A.A. degree
  • Education and criminal record background check conducted through Checkr


Does Swing Education offer Bubbles in my area?

Swing offers Bubbles in California, New Jersey, Washington, D.C. and New York.  Texas will open up at the end of September.  We match teachers to learning pods within a 10-mile radius of the teacher's home. We strive to match teachers to host families in the same school or school district. 


Who is responsible for the educational curriculum?

Swing offers programming to complement the distance learning curriculum provided by school districts.  We offer half-day and full-day programs, at 15 and 30 hours each. Programming will consist of one or more of the following activities.

  • Distance learning support: keeping students on track by facilitating distance learning instructions from school districts.
  • Homework help: assisting students with homework completion after distance learning is done for the day.
  • Academic enrichment: focusing on a particular subject or several different subjects throughout the week, with an emphasis on achieving daily learning goals and mastery of a chosen subject.
  • Fun activities and play: leading kids in collaborative outdoor games, hands-on activities and projects, with the goal of keeping them engaged and entertained.

Exact details of each assignment will vary by family, with the pay rate contingent upon the location, number of students and level of teaching qualifications required. 


I want to interview for a Bubble. How do I start?

For teachers already substitute teaching with Swing Education:

Log on to your Swing Education account and sign up for Bubbles requests. You can sign up for as many Bubbles as you wish. You will receive a text message when a learning pod family requests to interview you.

Please note, unlike standard substitute teaching requests, signing up does not automatically assign you to the Bubble. Our matchmakers will review your pod requests and match you with the most relevant one. If our matchmakers find other pods that look like a good fit for you, they will match you with those pods, too. 

For teachers who are new to Swing Education:

Complete this form and be sure to upload a resume if you have one. We will reach out to you if we have learning pods near you. 

To learn about the hiring process, see our Checklist for New Hires.


Can I do this job remotely?

No. Teachers will work on site, in a student’s home. The setting may be inside or outside the home, depending on the arrangement with the host family.


Can I ask the students to come to my home?

No, the setting will be in the host family's home.


How many homes will I need to visit?

If there is more than one family in the Bubble, the students will still meet at only one family's home. Swing is asking host families to provide a consistent location for their learning pod, but there may be occasions where the host families need to meet at another family's home. Be sure to ask this question if you are selected for an interview with a host family.


Where can I find details on the assignment?

Scheduling will be posted with the request. Read the request carefully to make sure the days and hours will work with your schedule on an ongoing basis. These are long-term assignments and the host families are looking for teachers who can work until school districts decide it's safe to reopen schools.


How many days per week will I work?

Assignments can range from 2-5 days per week. Please be aware that 90% of our learning pods are conducted between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Check the hours in the request and be sure you can commit to those hours before applying for the request.

Many families are flexible about scheduling. It's a good idea to talk about scheduling during your online interview with the host family so you can determine a mutually agreeable schedule.


What grades and subjects will I teach?

The grades and subjects will be listed in the request. Most likely, you will teach more than one grade since host families are likely to have children of different ages. Please be aware that 90% of our learning pod requests are for elementary school students.

Be sure to ask questions during the online interview so you have a complete picture of the students' needs.


Are there Special Ed learning pods?

On occasion, there may be a learning pod with a child who has special needs. SPED will be noted in the assignment details.


How long will the assignment last?

Bubbles assignments are month-to-month, but we expect them to last until December.


What happens if schools reopen before the end of the term?

In the event that that school districts decide it is safe to reopen schools, and parents decide they want to return their children to school, parents must give Swing 28 days notice before ending the Bubbles contract.  If parents decide they do not need the teacher during the 28-day period due to school re-opening, teachers will be paid for the time they would have worked.


How many students will be in the Bubble?

Bubbles are made up of 2-8 students. The number of students in the Bubble will be noted in the request. 


Who is responsible for providing supplies?

The host family is responsible for providing laptops and school supplies for the learning pod. Teachers do not need to provide a laptop or other supplies, and are encouraged to engage in face-to-face interactions with students to balance out screen time.


Will I get paid for prep time?

 Yes, you will get paid for prep time. It's critical to keep your time card as up-to-date and accurate as possible so you can get paid for both prep time and actual time you spend teaching your pod.


How can I be a Bubbles teacher?

Log on to your Swing Education account and sign up for learning pods the same way you would with a standard request. You can choose as many Bubbles as you wish. Our matchmakers will review your requests and text you when a host family wishes to interview with you.


What is the selection process?

Swing Education will share your profile with up to three host families.  When a host family requests to interview you, you'll receive a text message from us with details on the assignment.  We'll also provide an interview guide so you can prepare.  Once you confirm your interest in the learning pod, you'll receive a text and email with a confirmation and the online interview link.


How do I get picked for an interview?

Host families will request to interview you if they like what they see on your Swing profile. It's important to have a complete profile to make a good first impression. Be sure you have a good photo and describe your teaching experience and qualifications. You should also fill out your work history in the "Relevant Experience" section. A complete work history reduces the chance that a host family will ask for a resume and cover letter.  Read more about updating your Swing profile.

If you have a resume, upload it here.


What is the pay rate?

Typical pay is $25-30 hourly, pre-tax. The pay range is dependent on location and size of the pod, as well as the level of qualifications required by the pod. Assignments range from part-time to five days per week. 


How often do I get paid?

You will be paid weekly by Swing Education as you normally would for a district assignment, via direct deposit or other payment method you have set up in your account profile.


When will I start?

The start date will be in the request. Most schools are starting in early August. 


How can I learn more about the family I could be matched with?

When a host family requests to interview you, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and start developing a good relationship with the parents. We encourage you to start writing a list of questions for the host family now. Asking questions is the best way to ensure that you and the host family are aligned on teaching goals, and parents tell us that teachers who ask a lot of questions during the interview make them feel more comfortable with the teacher.


How will I know when I am hired?

A Swing Representative will reach out to you when a host family decides they would like to have you teach their Bubble. You must respond within 24 hours to let Swing know whether you are accepting the assignment.


If I am hired, who will I report to?

If hired as a Bubbles teacher, you will be converted to a W-2 employee and will report to Swing Education. 


What paperwork do I need to sign when I am hired?

1. Bubbles acknowledgement form with COVID-19 protocol: you'll receive an email with a Hellosign link once you accept the assignment. Please note: this is different from the W-2 employee offer letter discussed in step 2 below.

2. W-2 employee offer letter: look for an email titled "Time to start your W-2 set up".  Log into your account and sign your offer letter, and sign up for the required online orientation.

3. Form I-9: look for an email from i9 Everywhere which will give you detailed instructions on how to fill out form I-9.

4. ADP paperwork. During orientation, you'll be given instructions for logging into ADP and completing your paperwork.

5. Timesheet: during orientation, you'll complete your timesheet so you can get paid for the time you spent in orientation.


What about liability? Who is responsible if an accident occurs?

Swing provides liability in the event of an accident. Bubbles teachers are converted to W-2 employees of Swing Education before they start their Bubbles teaching assignments, thus are eligible for worker's compensation should an accident occur. You can read more about W-2 set up here.


What about COVID-19 safety?

Swing Education has a safety protocol for pod teachers, parents and students, involving mask requirements, sanitizing computers and work surfaces, frequent hand washing and having hand sanitizer available. If you would like to put additional safety precautions in place, we encourage you to discuss these with host families to decide if you are both comfortable with the agreement.


Will teachers have health benefits?

If hired, you may be eligible for health insurance after a 12-month lookback period. Meaning, if you work 30 or more hours per week for 12 months, you will qualify a year from now for health benefits.


What other benefits will I have?

  • Unemployment benefits
  • Worker’s compensation
  • AFLAC: optional supplemental insurance for dental, vision, hospital stay and other plans.
  • Standard sick pay
  • COVID-19 sick pay:  up to 10 days from hire, in compliance with Families First Act
  • Other types of leave in compliance with state and federal law