When will I start seeing requests post COVID?

As always, we want to thank you for your understanding and patience during this unprecedented time. There has been a lot of uncertainty and uncharted waters but as a company, and with the understanding and help from all of you, we have navigated this journey together and will continue to do so. 

Currently, schools are waiting for city and state governments to provide them with reopening guidelines and are starting to plan their upcoming school year. Once their plan is finalized, we will then be able to understand their needs, and the guidelines we will all need to follow in order to stay compliant with county and state requirements.

You'll be notified of request openings via text message or app notification as soon as our school partners are ready and in need of, substitute teachers; As a reminder, requests are posted directly by our schools and not by Swing. Though exact reopening dates are still unknown, we'll continue to update our messaging and resources as more information becomes available. You can stay up to date on Swing's response to COVID here.

Some opportunities you are likely to see in the fall are remote teaching, on campus, or hybrid requests. We are also working on expanding our new Swing Tutoring program so we can bring those opportunities to you as well. Learn more about teaching online here

We are working to ensure our subs are prepared for their return to the classroom. This includes developing PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) requirements and proper ways to use the PPE for the safety of our schools, and yourself. It is imperative that you follow all school guidelines while on campus, to keep yourself and the students/staff safe. 

We are waiving our cancelation policy for any sub who cancels last minute due to being exposed or testing positive to COVID. Please do not go to a request sick, or if you were recently exposed to someone who is positive. 

We know times are tough and we want to ensure we get you back into the classroom, remotely or on campus, as quickly as we can while also being safe. Please continue to stay safe and healthy during this time.