Do Employees Earn Sick Time?

Who is eligible?

  • California Swing Subs that have completed the ADP Setup webinar will be eligible to accrue sick time. 

How do I accumulate Sick Time?

  • Swing Subs will begin accumulating sick time at the rate of 1 hour for every 30 hours worked. 
  • Accrued paid sick leave carries over from year to year, up to a maximum accrual of 6 days, or 48 hours. 
  • Once the maximum accrued hours have been reached, paid sick leave will stop accruing until some paid sick leave is used.

Where do I view my accrued Sick Time?

  • You will have to log into your Workforce Now to view your accrued sick hours. Follow the steps below to view your accrued Sick Hours.
    • Log into your account here,
    • Click on the "Myself" Tab,
    • Go to "Time & Attendance",
    • Click on "Time",
    • Click "Accruals", located near the bottom left of the webpage.  

How do I add my accrued Sick Time to my timesheet?

To use your sick hours, you can add these to your timesheet at any time by selecting "sick" from the pay code column, and entering the total number of hours you want to use by entering them as whole numbers in the “Amount” section. 


Please note: Requests issued in ADP will not generate sick pay. All sick hours will need to be added to your timesheet. 



When can I use my Sick Time?

How Much Will I Get Paid for Sick Time?

Sick time is paid at a straight rate based on the average hourly rate from all your requests within the last 90 days. You'll be able to see the amount paid on your pay statements. 

You can add more info on how to access your pay statements here: How Do I View My ADP Pay Statements?

Does Sick Time Count Towards Overtime Pay?

No, because it's not calculated as hours worked. As a result, all sick time is paid at a straight rate based on the look-back method mentioned above to determine the rate.