How Do I Enter My Orientation and/or Training Time in ADP?

In order to add orientation and/or training time, for the first time, you will need to do a couple of extra steps the first time. Please watch our video which gives you a visual on how to do that successfully. 

Orientation hours are for the initial Swing Orientation. If you have Orientation with a school, please add that as normal worked hours and not Orientation. 

Training hours are for Sexual Harassment training and Mandated Reporter training. Please enter it by using the 'transfer' and selecting 'training' as the Work Rule option. Do not use this for any other piece of training you may have with schools/Pods. 

This is a visual-only presentation.

Please note: Any red '!''s means that you are adding time that does not have a 'schedule' attached to it. You can disregard those notifications as they will be fixed during the Payroll Process. 

How do I enter my day to day hours? Our help article has helpful video tutorials on entering your hours:  How Do I Enter My Hours On My Timesheet?