How Am I Paid For Administrative Time and Required Trainings?

ADP Setup hours:

ADP Setup time will automatically be added to your first paycheck as a Swing employee. 

ADP Onboarding:

Once your New Hire ADP Setup has concluded, it may take you additional time to complete your onboarding items:

  1. Tax Withholding
  2. Payment Options
  3. Emergency Contacts
  4. Documents

You will be automatically paid 90 minutes in addition to your time in ADP Setup for completing these administrative tasks. If you need additional time, contact us below.

Mandated Report Training hours:

In order to add training time, you will need to enter it by using the pay code 'training' and then the number of hours taken to complete the training.  Renewals are typically 3 hours and newly hired subs are typically 8 hours. Do not use this for any other piece of training you may have with schools.

Note: Any red 'i''s means that you are adding time that does not have a 'schedule' attached to it. You can disregard those notifications as they will be fixed during the Payroll Process once we upload your Swing schedule into ADP. 

Harassment Prevention Training hours:

This training should take 1 hour and 20 minutes, therefore you will be paid an hour and twenty minutes to complete this training (this will be added to your timecard on your behalf based on our verification of your completion of the training). Please verify your paycheck and if you have any concerns, reach out to payroll. If the course takes you longer than 1 hour and 20 minutes, please contact us below so that we can amend it accordingly.