How do I leave feedback for a Sub?


To leave feedback for a sub, you can use our helpful video as a guide. Once you hit submit feedback, the feedback will be recorded on the request page for any admin at your school to see. If you need to make changes please contact us. 

Note: The sub will not be able to see the feedback you leave. They will get an email notifying them of the positive or negative feedback; positive feedback will congratulate them, while negative feedback will send them pointers and ways to improve. Positive feedback will also be shown on their sub profile for other admins to see.  

You can only leave feedback once the request has ended. If you wish to send the sub home and leave negative feedback, please cancel the request, where you will then be able to leave your feedback. If you are sending the sub home because you no longer need them, please wait until the end of the day to leave feedback (or cancel the request) as we cannot end the request early.


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