How Do I Complete the Texas Background check?

Starting in 2021, all SwingSubs complete their background checks through TEA in partnership with our school districts


Please read through our Background Check Acknowledgement for more information on this process.


Note: If you have worked with Swing in Texas in the past & were printed with Swing or another entity through TxDPS, we are unfortunately no longer able to accept these fingerprints. 


Instructions to Complete Your Mandatory Background Check:

  1. Log into your Swing account and complete the new background check module under “account settings,” or in your onboarding experience if you are onboarding. 
  2. If our school partners are unable to verify that you were printed through TEA, you will get an email from Identogo with instructions on how to be printed through TEA.
    • This email will come from Identogo & be sent to the email address you provided to Swing. Be sure to check spam folders.
    • If you have worked with Swing in Texas in the past but need to be printed through TEA, you have until the end of the Fall 2021 semester to complete the TEA fingerprint process. After that, your account will be temporarily suspended until you complete your new background check. 
  3. If you have been fingerprinted through TEA before, our school partners will process those results and your account will be updated in 1-3 weeks. 
    • If there are any issues with your background check or we require additional information, we will contact you from