How Do I Complete the Texas Background Check?

To teach with Swing in Texas, all SwingSubs must have fingerprints on file with the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

For more information on this process, please read our Background Check Acknowledgement.

(Note: If you fingerprinted before in Texas, either with Swing Education or another entity through TxDPS, we are unfortunately no longer able to accept these fingerprints. Your fingerprints now must be on file with TEA.)


Step 1: Verify your Fingerprints with TEA

  1. Log into your Swing account and complete the TEA Fingerprint Check module
  2. If we are able to verify that you were fingerprinted through TEA, your account will be updated in 3-5 days with next steps
  3. If we are unable to verify this, you will get an email from IdentoGO with instructions on how to get your fingerprints done with TEA.
    • The email will be sent to the email address you provided to Swing
    • The email will be from (yes, nobody)
    • Click the link in the email to schedule your fingerprinting appointment 

What if I Can't Find My Email from IdentoGO?

The email will be sent shortly after you complete the TEA Fingerprint Check module. If you don't receive it, please check your spam folder.

You can find an example email from IdentoGO here:



If you still can't find the email, please reach out to the TEA Fingerprinting Help Desk. You can also reach them here: TEA Help Desk

Note if you taught with Swing in Texas before and did not have fingerprints through TEA: you had until December 2021 to complete the TEA fingerprint process. After that, your account will have been suspended until you complete your new background check. 

If there are any issues with your background check or we require additional information, we will contact you from


Step 2: Complete your Checkr Background Check

Once you’ve completed your fingerprints, and they're verified with TEA, you'll be prompted to complete an education verification and background check with our partner, Checkr.

This step should take just a few minutes. First, log into your Swing account. You will see a module outlining the process and a link to Checkr. Click the link, and complete the Checkr background check and education verification.

Once you're done, our team will review your information in Checkr and update your account. 


Step 3: Teach with Swing!

After you are onboarded, you can pick up requests with Swing. When you pick up a request at a school for the first time, that school will be notified and may review your TEA fingerprint background check record.