Swing Tutors FAQ

What is Swing Tutors?

Swing Tutors is a new program offered to qualified subs to provide one-on-one online support for K-12 students. Students are paired with subs based on grade level and subject matter expertise to help keep the student on track. Just like our core Substitute teaching service, tutors are given the ability to make their own schedule and choose from a wide range of tutoring requests that become available on our platform. Our goal is to provide high quality ongoing support for students by pairing them with compatible tutors. 


How do I Become a Swing Tutor?

We are currently piloting Swing Tutors with a small group of certificated California Substitutes. We will let you know as soon as we expand Swing Tutors to more states and open up tutoring requests to our broader sub pool. 


How Do I Sign Up For a Session?

Swing Tutoring sessions are made available to eligible subs in the same manner as other substitute teaching requests --either on our web platform, via text, or through mobile app notifications. Once you sign up for a tutoring session, you may be contacted by a member of the Swing team to ensure you are a good fit for the request. Once accepted into a request it will show up in your commitments page. Clicking on the request will give you access to specific details as well as the link you will need to access our E-Classroom. 

Requests may evolve into recurring weekly commitments. Furthermore, Swing Tutors empowers tutors to create their own lessons plans in order to best facilitate the needs and learning style of their students. 


How are Sessions Conducted?

All Swing Tutoring sessions are conducted as one-on-one virtual sessions using our interactive E-Classroom. Our E-Classroom allows for face-to-face video chat and also features a virtual whiteboard where tutors and students can work collaboratively. The E-Classroom also supports document uploading, text sharing and a host of other tools to create a robust learning environment. 


How Do I Get Paid?

Swing Tutors requests are paid out in the same way as normal requests on a weekly basis either via direct deposit or check. Most sessions will be 1 hour long and pay $35/hour.