Can I Share my Social Media with Students?

Social media has grown significantly in popularity, and students may attempt to connect with you on this medium to get to know you better. Connecting on any social media platform with students is considered unprofessional behavior and something the SwingSub Code of Conduct strictly forbids. SwingSubs should never share or accept any social media accounts, personal or professional, with any student for any reason.

Additionally, taking or distributing photos, videos, audio recordings, or live streaming while representing Swing at a Swing partner school site is unacceptable. Students, the school site, or other staff are not to be photographed or recorded at any time for any reason. This includes taking selfies or posting to a blog, web page, or your social media while on campus.

We ask that you leave your cell phone concealed in your belongings while supervising students. Your cellular devices should only be out in the event of an emergency where the use of your cell phone is necessary and authorized by the school administration. Your focus should remain on the students in your care.

While on assignment, any of these activities or using your personal phone for any reason may lead to serious disciplinary action or the termination of your access to the SwingSub platform.