W-2 Set Up: What’s Changing, What's Not?

Beginning in August 2020, Swing Education will begin transitioning teachers to W-2 employees. Below is an overview of the major changes. 

For additional information, see W-2 Set Up FAQs for Teachers.



Current Process

New Process

Set up process

Completed on the Swing platform

Completed on the Swing platform and in ADP

Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification 


To be completed during the W-2 set up process on the i9 Everywhere platform

Paycheck setup

Payroll is set up and processed through Tipalti

Payroll will be set up and processed through ADP.

Pay rate

Day rate

Teachers will be paid on an hourly basis for all hours worked based on the school's agreed pay rate.

Paycheck disbursement options

Direct deposit

No change



Subs will be required by law to record the hours they work. Hours will be recorded in the ADP timekeeping application. Learn more about entering hours and submitting timesheets.

Tax status

All Swing Subs are classified as 1099 contractors (self-employed).

Teachers will be reclassified as W-2 employees of Swing Education.

Tax withholding and forms

All Swing Subs fill out IRS form W-9. No taxes are withheld.

Teachers will fill out IRS form W-4 and their state's tax withholding form, where applicable. Federal and state income taxes will be withheld by Swing Education.

Tax returns

IRS form 1099-MISC is sent out yearly by January 31. (Only applies to subs who made $600 or more the prior year.)

IRS form W-2 will be sent out by Swing Education on or before January 31 of each year.


Access to the healthcare exchanges through Stride

Access to the healthcare exchanges through Stride.  Accrued sick time, workers' compensation and family leave. Unemployment insurance through EDD. Health benefits and a 401K are available after teachers consistently work full time hours per week over a 12-month period. More information on precise hours requirements can be found in your employee materials. 

Set up webinars

An optional webinar covering the Swing platform, live scan and TB test

In addition to the optional webinar, teachers will be required to attend an online New Hire Orientation covering the ADP platform.

Getting help

Contact Swing Education Customer Service

Contact ADP for benefits, taxes, direct deposit, pay cards, ADP site issues, MyLife Advisors and enrollment verification.

Contact Swing Education for all other issues.

Accepting requests


No change

Rest and meal breaks


Swing Subs are expected to accurately enter meal (lunch)  breaks into the ADP timekeeping application. If you worked a full-day assignment and did not receive a meal break, please contact us immediately below.

Overtime pay


Overtime to be paid out in accordance with each state's labor laws.

Pay for class prep time


Teachers must track all time spent on lesson preparation. This time will be paid.

Access to schools


No change in access to schools. Note: COVID-19 may affect school openings in certain areas.

Teaching requirements


No change to existing teaching requirements


California only: Mandated Reporter training, to be renewed every year.

Mandated Reporter training will continue to be required in California. Additionally, sexual harassment training is required in certain states. You'll be notified when it's time to take the training sessions.

Leaving Swing

Contact support to deactivate your account.

If a Swing Sub doesn’t work within a 6-month time span, the sub’s account will be deactivated. (Exceptions will be made for approved leaves of absence. Please contact us and select "Leave of Absence")

Swing Subs may also contact support if they wish to deactivate their accounts.