How Do I Become a Substitute Teacher In Texas — The Complete Guide

Becoming a Swing Sub in Texas

In order to gain access to the following steps, you will have to first register your Swing Education account. If you have not already, click here to register your account today


Background Check

Starting in 2021, all SwingSubs must have fingerprints on file with the Texas Education Agency (TEA).


Please read through our Background Check Acknowledgement for more information on this process.


Note: If you have worked with Swing in Texas in the past & were fingerprinted with Swing or another entity through TxDPS, we are unfortunately no longer able to accept these fingerprints. The fingerprints must be on file with TEA.


Step 1: Verify your Fingerprints with TEA

  1. Log into your Swing account and complete the TEA Fingerprint Check module. 
  2. If we are able to verify that you were fingerprinted through TEA, your account will be updated in approximately 3-5 business days with next steps.
  3. If we are unable to verify that you were printed through TEA, you will get an email from IdentoGO with instructions on how to get your fingerprints done with TEA.
    • Here are some tips to help find the email from IdentoGO:
      • The email will be sent to the email address you provided to Swing
      • The email will be from (yep, that’s right, nobody)
      • The title of the email will begin with “IdentoGO Service Confirmation,” unless process is updated by IdentoGO
      • The email will be sent shortly after you complete your background check information step with Swing
      • Check spam folders
      • Click on the link in the email to schedule your fingerprinting appointment
      • If you cannot locate this email, please open a ticket with TEA Help Desk here.


If you have worked with Swing in Texas in the past but need to be printed through TEA, you had until the end of the Fall 2021 semester to complete the TEA fingerprint process. After that, your account will be temporarily suspended until you complete your new background check. 

If there are any issues with your background check or we require additional information, we will contact you from 


Step 2: Complete your Checkr Background Check and Education Verification

Once you’ve completed your fingerprints & they’ve been verified to be on file with TEA, you will be moved to your next background check step: An education verification and background check with our partner, Checkr.

To complete this step, simply log into your Swing account. You will see a module outlining the Checkr process and a link to Checkr. Click the link and complete the Checkr background check and education verification - it should only take a few minutes!

Once you're done, our team will review your background check and education verification in Checkr, and update your account. 


Step 3: Teach with Swing (Background check steps post-onboarding)

After you are onboarded, you will be able to pick up requests with Swing. When you pick up a request at a school for the first time, that school will be notified and asked to review your TEA fingerprint background check record using some of the information you submitted during onboarding.


Texas Education Agency Do Not Hire Registry check

In addition to the TEA background check, the 86th Texas Legislature passed House Bill 3 to further protect the safety and welfare of Texas students by: 

  • Requiring schools to report to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) when there is evidence that a non-certified employee abused or was involved in an inappropriate relationship with a student or minor.
  • Creating a registry of individuals who are not eligible for hire in a Texas public school based on misconduct or criminal history

More information regarding the recently passed bill can be found here. Swing will be checking with TEA to ensure each candidate does not appear on the TEA Do Not Hire registry. Please log into your account to receive follow up instructions on how to complete this step. Click here to log in.

Credential (Optional)

Credentials are not required in the state of Texas to substitute teach. However, if you have one, we will accept it during or after onboarding. Simply upload a copy of your credential, and Swing will verify it. 



Do you need a state certificate/permit to sub in Texas?

  • No. Because education in Texas is decentralized, it’s up to individual districts to determine qualifications for their substitute teachers, and there is no state certification or permit. The Texas Education Agency (or TEA) website has a useful School District Locator Map to help you find which schools are in your district and which districts you are closest to.