How Do I Become a Substitute Teacher In Texas, A Complete Guide


*NOTICE: We are not hiring new subs at the moment due to our background check process changing. We will reach back out when we finalize our process. 


Becoming a Swing Sub in Texas

In order to gain access to the following steps, you will have to first register your Swing Education account. If you have not already, click here to register your account today

Education verification

All Swing Subs must verify that they have obtained a bachelor's degree or higher. Our partner "Checkr" conducts these checks. In order to complete this step, just log into your account and click the link "Take me to Checkr". There is no cost associated with this step, and the form only takes 10-15 minutes to complete. 

How do you complete a background check? 

While other qualifications vary from district to district, you’ll notice that all of them require a criminal background check. This is true for charter and private schools as well. Student safety is of the utmost priority in Texas, and all school employees must pass a background check.

A background check includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Any federal or state criminal history
  • Reports in the international database of teacher misconduct
  • Any history of complaints or flags from individual school districts

A background check is run using fingerprints. In order for Swing Education to conduct a background check, you must first create an account with Swing Education. Click here to create your account. Once you have signed up with Swing Education, you can complete fingerprinting with the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS).

  • If you have already been fingerprinted with TxDPS, please click here to log into your account to provide your birth date and legal name so we can see your background check.
  • If you have not been fingerprinted with TxDPS, please follow the directions below:

Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) Fingerprinting Directions

How To Schedule Fingerprinting Appointment

  1. Go to and click on “Schedule or Manage Appointments.”
  2. Enter your information on the following screen, including your legal name, and click “Next.”
  3. Enter the number 25607 for “Organization ID or District ORI” and click “Next.”
  4. Continue to enter your personal information for the next 5 screens, moving forward by clicking “Next.”
    1. Note: You do NOT have an Authorization Code (Coupon Code) for payment. 
  5. Choose the government issued identification document that you will bring with you to your fingerprint appointment, and click “Next.”
  6. Enter your zipcode to find the IdentoGo location nearest you. Once you’ve done that, click “Next” to choose an appointment date and time or select “Walk In” (if available) and click “Submit.”
  7. Save the confirmation email for your records.

Day of Your Fingerprint Appointment

  1. Bring the government-issued identification you stated when you signed up for the appointment.
  2. Be prepared to pay $37 with either Authorization Code, Business Check, Money Order, or Credit Card ($37.78 with 2.1% credit card service fee).
    1. Personal checks and cash are not accepted.
  3. At the conclusion of your appointment, the MorphoTrust enrollment agent will provide you with an IdentoGo receipt stating that you were fingerprinted.
    1. Do not throw away the receipt.
    2. You may check status on your submission by clicking on this link:

Texas Education Agency Do Not Hire Registry check

In addition to the TxDPS background check, the 86th Texas Legislature passed House Bill 3 to further protect the safety and welfare of Texas students by: 

  • Requiring schools to report to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) when there is evidence that a non-certified employee abused or was involved in an inappropriate relationship with a student or minor.
  • Creating a registry of individuals who are not eligible for hire in a Texas public school based on misconduct or criminal history

More information regarding the recently passed bill can be found here. Swing will be checking with TEA to ensure each candidate does not appear on the TEA Do Not Hire registry. Please log into your account to receive follow up instructions on how to complete this step. Click here to log in.


Do you need a state certificate/permit to sub in Texas?

  • No. Because education in Texas is decentralized, it’s up to individual districts to determine qualifications for their substitute teachers, and there is no state certification or permit. The Texas Education Agency (or TEA) website has a useful School District Locator Map to help you find which schools are in your district and which districts you are closest to.