How Do I Enter My Hours Worked on My Time Sheet?

As a California substitute teacher, you are expected to submit a timesheet for every week that you work. Time cards are due Saturdays by 11:59 p.m PT. Failure to submit timesheets on time can lead to termination of employment.

To enter your time for the week, navigate to MyADP. Select Myself > Time & Attendance > Time. This will open your timesheet, where you can enter your start time, end time, and lunch period; if taken.  (See the FAQs below for more information on lunch breaks.)

Visual presentation only. 

You will have one of two scenarios for each day: 

  • In for the day => Out for lunch break => In from lunch Break => Out for the day


  • In for the day => Out for the day





  • As a best practice, fill out your time card each day that you work and submit it by Friday evening each week.
  • If you were not given a 30-minute lunch break, do not enter one on your time card.
  • Enter your exact arrival and exit times as close to the minute as possible. Intentionally falsifying records will lead to termination.

For questions, contact ADP as soon as possible, or reach out to us here.


Sick Time 

You may take sick time in one-hour increments, as it is accumulated. To use sick time, you must cancel the teaching request at least 24 hours in advance. Canceling within 24 hours will hurt your reliability performance score. 

To record sick time on your time card, select "sick time" from the drop-down menu (TBD/WIP) and enter the number of hours you want to use. You will only be able to take the number of hours you have accumulated. 



I was asked to come to work directly by an admin and never accepted a request via the platform.

That's okay. Please enter the time as normal and contact us with the information below. We need this information to verify your timesheet.

  • The name of the school.
  • The hours you worked, in detail, along with lunch breaks taken.
  • Name of the admin who contacted you and the contact information. 

I was offered a lunch break but I declined.

In California, it is mandatory for you to take a lunch break before your fifth hour of work. Declining a lunch break is unacceptable under all circumstances. 

I asked for a lunch break but was told they couldn't give me one.

Please contact us right away and tell us whom you spoke with at the school. We will conduct an investigation on your behalf. 

What happens if my timesheet is late?

We will make every attempt to get ahold of you. If we are unsuccessful, we will process payroll with the information we have on the platform. This could mean a shortage on your pay. 

If you have multiple offenses, you will be notified in writing of your last chance, and any subsequent late timesheets will result in your termination.

I was overpaid. Is it mine to keep?

No. Overages must be paid back to Swing. Please contact us and let us know. Knowingly keeping the funds is unacceptable under the employee code of conduct.