How do I Complete the FBI Fingerprints through Sterling Identity?


Watch a 30-second video outlining the process

Note: If Sterling Identity is having issues with its Departmental Order system, you can get your fingerprints done through one of its partners, listed on the website itself and listed below: Screen_Shot_2022-05-03_at_2.31.13_PM.png


Note that you will still complete all of the below steps to sign up for an appointment and get fingerprinted, you just may need to get the actual fingerprints done through a partner. 

Or, here’s a written step-by-step:

  1. Visit
  2. Create an account by signing in with your Google account, or by submitting your email and generating a password. *Important: Save your login information! You’ll need it to access it and submit your results.*
      • (If you sign in using your email, you will be required to confirm your email address.)Screen_Shot_2020-03-02_at_10.42.51_AM.png
  3. Once you log in, use the drop down menu on the left to select “Personal Review” for the reason for your order.
    • Screen_Shot_2020-03-02_at_10.41.13_AM.png
  4. Click the orange “Get Let’s Started” button.
  5. Read, sign, and accept the user agreement (orange button at the bottom of the screen). 
  6. Enter your contact information, then click “Next”
  7. Enter your personal information, then click “Next”
  8. Complete the online registration, then enter your payment information. Submit the $52 payment ($49 plus tax) by clicking “Place Order”
  9. Select a participating UPS store (“Identity Network Location”) near you
  10. Find a participating UPS store near you at
    • Most locations do not require an appointment. You can check the location’s hours of operation, then go at your earliest convenience.
  11. What to bring with you:
    • Two forms of ID. Choose from the forms listed:Screen_Shot_2020-03-02_at_11.31.27_AM.png
    • Your QR code
      • This is accessible to you after you complete online registration, and will also be emailed to you
      • You can present your receipt QR code electronically on your phone — for example: show the email, take a picture, take a screenshot of your QR code and order details, or download the mobile app — or, print the receipt and present a hard copy. As long as you have the receipt in some form, you’re good to go!

Once you’ve completed your fingerprints, wait 24 hours, and then log in to your account to download a PDF of your results.

Sign into Swing Education, and upload the PDF.