How Do I Get Removed From the Email List?
We've made some changes to the way we notify admins about requests. Instead of getting an email each time a sub accepts or cancels a request like you previously did, we'll send a daily summary each day for requests that are ongoing or starting in the next 3 days. Still, within 24 hours of the start of a request (or if a request is ongoing), you will get all notifications if a sub accepts or cancels that request. 
Additionally, you will receive confirmation emails for your school when: 
  • A sub added themselves to the request waitlist
  • A sub canceled 
  • Plus other important request notifications 
If you no longer wish to get our confirmation emails, please contact Swing Support via email or through chat, so we can remove you from the email list. You will continue to get confirmation emails for requests that you place on the platform through your Swing account. 
 At this time, you are unable to unsubscribe yourself directly. 
Please contact Swing Support if you have additional questions about this.  We're happy to help!