How Do I Update My Address in my Payment Profile?

How to Update my Address in Tipalti (1099 Subs Only)

In order to update your address in Tipalti: 

  • Log into the platform.
  • Click on the drop-down menu in the upper, right-hand corner.
  • Click on Payment Setup (this is for 1099 Subs ONLY. Refer below for W2 Subs)


  • Update your address in your payment profile as shown here.


Please note, that you will update the first page with your new information but are also required to fill out a new W9 on the third section labeled "Tax Forms" to ensure your 1099 is mailed to the right address come tax season. 


**If you do NOT update your W9, your 1099 will NOT be issued to you at the correct address.**

Please review the Payment Setup article if you have more questions on how to submit your information. 


How to Update my Address in ADP (W-2 Subs Only)

As a W-2 SwingSub employee follow these directions to update your information in ADP.