How to Continue Building your Career during School Closures

Make sure all of your requirements are up to date. Log into your profile to see if any requirements need renewing. California subs: if it’s been a while since you’ve done your mandated reporter training, now is a good time to renew it. 

Get (or renew) your teaching permit. If you are in California or New Jersey and don’t yet have your teaching certificate, you can start the process now. Getting your permit opens up more teaching opportunities and can lead to higher pay.

Complete your online profile. Once you accept an assignment, schools will be able to view your profile. That’s why you’ll want to make sure it looks professional. And don’t forget to include a photo of yourself! 

Take advantage of our free professional development resources. These include everything from articles to online training modules you can take at your convenience. 

- STEDI is an organization dedicated to providing research-based training materials for substitute teachers. We offer STEDI’s SubSkills online training course to the subs we work with at no cost.

- Weareteachers, a “virtual lounge” of practical classroom ideas, advice, and more. Check out their Career Advice page for PD resources.

- Sanford Inspire, an online learning portal that provides free, on-demand training for teachers. 

Get specialized. As a substitute teacher, you’re expected to be a generalist and a specialist, ready to jump in and teach any subject to any grade. We’re sharing our best techniques for teaching the most common subjects requested by schools. 

Teaching math

Teaching science

Teaching English