How Do I Become a Substitute Teacher in California, The Complete Guide.

So, you're interested in becoming a Swing substitute teacher - welcome! Before we get to your step-by-step guide, you can get to know a little more about how Swing Education works to connect teachers and subs: Why Should I Become A Swing Sub?

Because Swing works nationwide to positively impact school partners at a community level, we have a decentralized hiring process, meaning that we gather enough information to decide if Swing is the best fit for you based on our application form, background check, and educational history. All this means that we don't conduct an interview, and only require a resume and references upon request.

Now, onto what we do require of you:

1.) Fill out our Registration Form

  • You may have already encountered this page, but if not, click here to complete our 2-minute registration. 
  • If in your registration form you indicate that you are in an area where we are currently hiring, you will be invited to complete an application. Want to know exactly where our school partners are located? Check out our Swing School Partner Region Maps

2.) Complete an Application

  • Since you will be considered a W-2 employee with Swing Education, we have a few screening questions. Once you complete the registration you can log back into your Swing account to complete this 3-minute application.

3.)Sign your Offer letter

  • If your application meets our business needs, you will receive an offer letter. At that point, you can log back into your account to sign the offer letter! Click here to log in.
  • If not signed, your offer letter will expire in 7 days. 

4a.) Upload a valid CA Sub Permit or California Teaching Credential

  • If you have a CA sub Permit or CA Teaching Credential, please find your CTC document number and upload it to your Swing account. 

4b.) Education Verification (Only if you do not hold a California Sub Permit or Credential)

  • If you do not hold a CA Sub permit or credential, you will need to fill out information pertaining to your Bachelor's/Master's Degree, using our education verification vendor, Checkr. You will be prompted to begin this in your Swing account. 

5.) LiveScan Background Check

  • Complete a Livescan fingerprint background check at one of our recommended UPS locations or other livescan locations listed on this map (if you know of a spot that isn't on the map, feel free to go there instead!). Please download and fill out this Swing LiveScan form to bring with you. You can also go to Wellnessmart to complete your LiveScan.
    • We always recommend that you call ahead of time to ensure that the vendor is accepting customers at your preferred time. 
    • Note: there are out of pocket expenses with this step. 
  • After completing your livescan, your results will be sent directly to Swing Education. No need to send us anything, just click the button in your account to let us know you completed it!

6.) TB Test

  • In your Swing profile, you'll be prompted to complete a free, 3-minute TB Risk Assessment, which may satisfy your requirement for TB Clearance. If you have a recently completed TB Test, we ask that you still go through the Risk Assessment, at it is the quickest way of having this requirement processed by our Onboarding Team.
  • If you do not pass the risk assessment, you will have to complete a TB Skin Test.  We recommend making an appointment with your doctor or going to Wellnessmart ( If you go to Wellnessmart, a form will be provided. Please make sure to share a copy of your results with us!
  • Note: There will be costs associated with getting a TB test.

7) Fill out your Personal Information

  • After you have completed your initial stet up steps, you will begin your W-2 onboarding. In order to set up your ADP Workforce Now account, we will collect some information from you.

8.) Schedule a Virtual New Hire Orientation

  • Once you fill out your personal information, you will be able to schedule a Virtual New Hire Orientation session. Please note that in order to attend your orientation session, your I-9 must be completed by you and verified by our partner i9 Everywhere before your orientation date.

9.) Complete your I-9 Paperwork

  • After you schedule your Virtual New Hire Orientation, you will receive an email from i9 Everywhere, our I-9 paperwork verification partner. Again, this must be complete before you are able to attend New Hire Orientation. 
  • Click here for a detailed breakdown of the process.

10.) Attend a Virtual New Hire Orientation Webinar 

  • This is a required, paid, 1 hour and 35 minute webinar which outlines the New Hire setup steps. The webinar will cover the following topics:
    • Filling out tax withholdings forms (W-4)
    • Setting up your payment
      • How payment works and how to view past pay stubs
    • How to fill out your timesheet
    • Sexual Harassment Training and Mandated Reporter Training
    • Professional Development Resources
    • Services available to employees via the My Life Advisors hotline
    • FAQ 

11.) Complete your ADP Paperwork

  • Please see the specific steps below, which must be complete within 7 days of your Virtual New Hire Orientation. We strongly encourage finishing your ADP Paperwork the day you attend New Hire Orientation, since the content will be fresh in your mind. 


Swing Steps on ADP platform

After attending the Virtual New Hire Orientation, you will be entered into ADP's  WorkForceNow system. You should have received an email from "", with instructions on how to complete your ADP Registration. Once you register your account and log in, please complete the following steps, which take on average 30 minutes - 1 hour. 

1.) Entering Personal Information + Emergency Contact Information

  • We need this information to set up your payment. This will allow ADP to send the direct deposit/check to the correct bank/household. Additionally, in the unfortunate event that you get injured on the job, we need your emergency contact. 

2.) Fill out tax withholding forms (W4)

  • For more information on how to fill this out, click here.

3.) Determine Payment Type

  • You will have an opportunity to choose your preferred payment type.
    • There are two options, including Direct Deposit and check. 

4.) Review forms in the Document section

  • Please review important documents 

5.) Review and sign Swing Policies 

  • Code of Conduct (CoC)
  • Employee Handbook
  • Terms of Service

6.) Complete Timesheet

  • You are responsible for reporting every hour that you work. It is extremely important to keep track of your time, as this determines how much and when you will get paid. The sooner you fill this out, the sooner you will get paid.