How Do I Become a Substitute Teacher in California, The Complete Guide.

Swing Steps:

1.) Upload a valid CA Sub Permit or California Teaching Credential

We also have a TEACH program where we will help guide you in getting your CA Sub Permit. To learn more and sign up, please go here: 


1a.) Education Verification (Only if you do not hold a California Sub Permit or Credential)

  • If you do not hold a CA Sub permit or credential, you will need to fill out information pertaining to your Bachelor's/Master's Degree. 

2.) LiveScan Background Check

  • Complete a LiveScan for free at one of our UPS Partners listed on this map. Please download and fill out this Swing LiveScan form to bring with you to your appointment. You can also go to Wellnessmart to complete your LiveScan for free, and remember to bring the Swing LiveScan form
  • Can't find a location that works for you at our pre-pay vendors? You can go to any LiveScan location and we will reimburse you once your account is fully set up, so remember to save your receipt. 

3.) TB Test

  • Complete a free, 3 minute TB Risk Assessment, which may satisfy as your TB Test. Please log into your account to complete the online risk assessment.
  • Otherwise, you can get a free risk assessment at Wellnessmart (if you go to Wellnessmart, a form will be provided). 

4)Sign your Offer letter

5) Sign up for an Orientation Webinar

  • orientation.png

6) Complete you Form I-9 

7) Swing Orientation Webinar 

  • This is a required, 20 minute webinar which outlines the W2 onboarding steps. The webinar will cover the following topics:
    • Filling out tax withholdings forms (W4)
    • Setting up your payment
      • How payment works and how to view past pay stubs
    • How to fill out your timesheet
    • Sexual Harassment Training and Mandated Reporter Training
    • How to use Swing Platform
      • How to view and accept open assignments
    • Best practices in the classroom
    • Professional Development Resources
    • Services available to employees via the My Life Advisors hotline
    • FAQ 

Swing Steps on ADP platform

After attending the virtual orientation, you will be entered into ADP's  WorkForceNow. You should have received an email from "", with instructions on how to complete your ADP Registration.

1) Entering Personal Information + Emergency Contact Information

  • We need this information to set up your payment. Additionally, in the unfortunate event that you get injured on the job, we need your emergency contact. 

2) Fill out tax withholding forms (W4)

  • For more information on how to fill this out, click here.

3) Determine Payment Type

  • You will have an opportunity to choose your preferred payment type.
    • There are two options, including Direct Deposit and Pay Card.

4) Review forms in the Document section

5) Review and sign Swing Policies 

  • Code of Conduct (CoC)
  • Employee Handbook
  • Terms of Service

5) Complete Time Sheet

  • You are responsible for reporting every hour that you work. It is extremely important to keep track of your time, as this determines how much and when you will get paid.