Why Should I Become A Swing Sub?

To help you determine if subbing with Swing is the right fit for you, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers. 


How much money will I make?

As a Swing sub, you’ll know the pay for an assignment before you accept it. Pay can vary based on your location and the requirements of the role.

Here are ballpark pay ranges for some of our regions:

California Subs are Swing Employees. This means that you would be paid an hourly wage. Most California subs are making up to these amounts on average per day. 

  • Northern California: up to $320
  • Southern California: up to $260 

All other states are paid on a per-day basis. 

  • Arizona — up to $170
  • Illinois — up to $170
  • New Jersey — up to $210
  • New York — up to $200
  • Texas — up to $150
  • Washington D.C. — up to $240

Why should I become a substitute teacher with Swing?

There are several great benefits to being a substitute teacher with Swing:

  • We pay weekly
  • You can easily accept assignments with our text-based notification system, our app or on our online platform
  • We connect you with a wide range of teaching opportunities, at public, charter, and private schools
  • In all states, except California, you can work as little as you want. In California, a monthly 7 day commitment is required.
  • Our dedicated support team is here to help Monday through Friday from 7am-4pm (PST).
    • We want you to feel supported at all times, so we welcome questions you may have. Hot tip, most questions can be answered via our help center but if you still have questions, please reach out. 
  • You’ll get cool perks, like invitations to special celebrations with fellow subs, rewards programs, and the chance to be one of our incredible Star Subs (which offers early access to new sub requests and the Star Sub badge visible to our school partners on your Swing profile)!

What are the qualifications to be a sub?

  • Please see the state requirement articles for your individual state. 

Do I need to be certificated or have some sort of teaching permit or credential to work?

  • It depends on the region and the school. Many schools do submit requests for non-certificated subs, however, having a credential or permit significantly increases your opportunities and options.
  • Swing offers a range of resources to help you obtain your permit.

If I work with an agency or school/district can I also work with Swing?

  • Yes, we prioritize flexibility for our substitutes!  We’d love to have you even if you also work with an agency or school/district.

Why should I work with Swing rather than just one school or district?

  • You set your own schedule — work as much or as little as you want
    • In California, a monthly 7 day commitment is required.
  • You get paid automatically based on the requests you accept on the platform weekly with the flexibility of direct deposit or check
    • *In California, you will be required to fill out a weekly timesheet. 
  • We offer a number of cool perks, such as 

Who are your partner schools?

  • Swing subs have access to our expansive network of partners, which includes a range of public, charter, and private schools.
  • We currently work with schools in California, Arizona, Texas, New Jersey, New York, Washington D.C., and Illinois, but check back often to see if we have expanded into your region. 

Is there an opportunity for full-time work?

  • Swing doesn’t directly offer full-time employment opportunities for substitute teachers, but schools do use us to fill long-term requests, and some Swing subs have landed full-time positions. 

Is there a minimum time commitment required to sub with Swing?

  • No, you work with us as long as you wish!

Does Swing provide benefits?

  • Because substitute teachers are independent contractors, we don’t provide direct benefits.* *In California, you may be eligible for benefits after a 12-month look-back period. 

Is there a cost to join Swing Education?

  • No, the cost lives with our school partners, so our substitutes do not pay us anything to work on our platform!

How do I get started?

How long until I can accept my first request?

  • If you complete your background check in a timely fashion, you’ll be eligible to accept assignments within 1-2 weeks of your application submission date. 

How and when am I notified about jobs?

  • You are notified as soon as a school issues a request. There are three ways you can see (and accept) requests: via text message, our app, or on our online platform.