How do I sub with Swing Education in Illinois?

Substitute Teaching License and Registration

You can substitute teach with Swing Education if you have a Substitute Teaching License or a Professional Educator License (PEL) in Illinois. If you do not have any one of these licenses already, applying for a Substitute Teacher License is likely the best option. To get started, log in or create an Education Licensure Information System (ELIS) account with the Illinois State Board of Education and follow the Substitute Application process.

You can also substitute teach if you have a BA degree (official transcript must be on file with the IL BOE) and either: a valid Educator License with Stipulations (“ELS”) or Paraprofessional License.

Educational Requirements 

If you do not have a  Substitute Teaching License or a PEL, we will need to verify that you hold at least a Bachelor's Degree (BA or BS) from a regionally accredited university.

Background Check Requirements

Before teaching as a substitute teacher in Illinois, you’ll need to get a background check.

TB Risk Assessment or TB Test:

Substitute teachers must take and pass a Tuberculosis (TB) risk assessment or complete a TB test. Some districts and schools, including Chicago Public Schools, require all teachers to get tested within 90 days of starting work. Here are two options:

  • Complete a risk assessment in your Swing Education account. (5 minutes)
  • Request a TB test from you personal physician.
  • Set up a TB test with Concentra
    • Bring this form and walk in at any Concentra Location to complete your TB test. You can either walk in or schedule an appointment in advance by calling.

Chicago Public School Do Not Hire List

Before teaching with Swing Education, you will have to certify that, to the best of your knowledge, you have never been on the CPS Do Not Hire List. 

How do I know if I’m on the Do Not Hire list?

If you ever worked at a CPS school and were added to the CPS Do Not Hire List, then you would have received a letter regarding your Do Not Hire designation. If you have questions, please visit this link: and click 'Do Not Hire' tab for more information

Mandated Reporter Acknowledgment Form

All substitute teachers in Illinois are Mandated Reporters under the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act [325 ILCS 5/4]. Please log in to your account to review and sign the Mandated Reporter Acknowledgment form to acknowledge your child abuse and neglect reporting obligations under the law. 


Additional Requirements:

Note: Some schools and districts require a physical TB test vs. the risk assessment. Additionally, some schools and districts require a drug screen. Should either be the case, the necessary information and directions will be communicated to you in your Swing Education account and via email. 



How do I get a Substitute teaching license?

Getting a Sub license

  • Once you have an account, log in and click “Apply for a New License, Endorsement, or Approval” on the home screen. Complete the application. 

  • A $50​ fee will be assessed electronically when the application is submitted. Please have a credit card available.

  • Send an official* transcript either electronically to, or via mail to:

Illinois State Board of Education
Educator Licensure
100 N. 1st Street
Springfield, IL 62777

*To be official, transcripts must be submitted in the original, sealed envelope from the college or university or be sent directly by the institution to the Illinois State Board of Education.

Register your license

Once you have obtained your license, you must register your license before you can start working as a substitute teacher. Simply log in to your ELIS account and follow the steps under Registrations in the Action Center. 


Additional Resources: 

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