Learning about the Swing Process in California


Info Session Webinar:


Additional Resources:

Guide to becoming a substitute teacher in California

Locations of schools we work with - Northern California

Locations of schools we work with - Southern California


Map for all ups partners in CA

Information on Stride (additional benefits)

Guide to completing your LiveScan at a UPS Location

Wellnessmart Locations

CA Pay Rates

You can take the risk assessment here: http://fastresponseonsite.com/swing-tb-questionnaire/ 
The risk assessment is also in your account 

If interested in CA sub permit, please fill out this survey and we’ll follow up with you on specific next steps you need to take: www.swingeducation.com/ca-permit 

We also have a TEACH program where we will help guide you in getting your CA Sub Permit. To learn more and sign up, please go here: http://swingeducation.com/swing-teach/